3 Questions to Ask a Builder

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October 19, 2023

Hello, friends! Today, we’re delving into the world of new construction and exploring the essential questions you should ask builders. Purchasing a newly constructed home can be an exciting journey, and these inquiries will help you navigate it like a pro. Before we dive into the details, subscribe to our newsletter can keep you updated with the latest real estate insights and tips. Let’s get started!

1. Is There a Lot Premium?

Your quest for the perfect lot begins here. The first question to ask your builder is whether there’s a lot premium. This additional cost can significantly impact your budget. Some lots may come with subtle premium price tags, while others could have a more significant impact.

A lot premium could be the result of a prime location within the community, offering better views, extra privacy, or being situated close to amenities. Without this knowledge, you might fall head over heels for a lot only to later discover it stretches your budget.

2. What Are the Standard Finishes?

Next up, it’s time to get cozy with the home’s standard features and finishes included in the base price. Understanding what you’re getting from the get-go allows you to plan your upgrades with confidence. Are you looking for that sleek granite countertop or beautiful hardwood flooring? Knowing what’s standard will help you make informed decisions about what additional features align with your preferences and style.

3. How Flexible Are You with Customization?

Customization can turn a house into your dream home. Each builder has their unique level of flexibility when it comes to personalizing a property. Some may be open to significant structural changes, while others might prefer adhering to predetermined layouts with only minor tweaks.

By asking this question, you’ll gain a better understanding of the builder’s approach to customization. You can explore options like modifying room layouts, selecting different finishes, or even adding unique design elements to personalize your home further.

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