You can lower your property taxes?

Success Strategies

April 25, 2024

Here’s your roadmap to tax savings!

Receive an eye-watering property tax bill? Don’t let it sap your spirits just yet. There are ways you can reduce the pinch on your hard-earned assets. Here’s a roadmap to property tax savings:

Get an independent appraisal.
If your property’s assessed value feels like a weight on your shoulders, consider hiring an independent appraiser. For a few hundred dollars, they can determine if your home’s value is lower than what’s assessed. It’s an investment that might pay off big.

Challenge exemptions.
Don’t leave money on the table! Check if you qualify for any property tax exemptions based on age, disability, or veteran status. Claim what’s rightfully yours.

File for homestead.
If your home is your one-and-only, make it official! Owning and living in your primary residence can qualify you for a homestead exemption, potentially reducing your property taxes significantly.

Attend tax hearings.
Your voice matters, so attend local tax hearings to discuss upcoming rates and share your concerns to help keep rates in check.

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